Executive Board

Nicole Glick

VP of Programming

Kaithlyn Duong

VP of Recruitment

Daniel Polio

VP of Finance

Brandon Cobb


Hi everyone! My name is Ryan Sadjadi, and I am the proud president of Phi Delta Epsilon’s CA-Nu chapter at UCSB. Since joining PhiDE my freshman year, I have received more guidance, professional assets, and opportunities than I ever could have imagined, setting me up for a career in medicine. Being a part of this incredible organization has further given me an unforgettable college experience. From paintballing, to line dancing, to touring art museums, and attending national PhiDE conferences, the relationships I have established and the experiences I have had are priceless. Our members represent a diverse group of people, each with their own unique stories that will teach you something new about the world from a single conversation. If you are looking to create a memorable college experience with a group of down-to-earth and ambitious people dedicated to medicine, do not hesitate to check out your resident Phi Delta Epsilon chapter, it may just be the best decision you have made! Best of luck to all!

Ryan Sadjadi