Executive Board

Ryan Pavlovich

VP of Programming

Neil Atam

VP of Recruitment

Albert Yang

VP of Finance

Jiaxiuxiu Zhang

Secretary & Risk Management Officer

Hello everyone! My name is Brandon Cobb and I am the proud president of Phi Delta Epsilon’s CA-Nu chapter at UCSB. This fraternity, since joining in the Fall of my freshman year, has provided me with countless opportunities, ranging from medical school tours around California, video chatting with active medical students about their experiences, going to national PhiDE conferences, as well as bonding with a smaller community within a large campus. Our chapter members represent a diverse group of people, coming from backgrounds all over the world, being able to culturally, academically, and socially inspire you. I highly suggest all come out to meet the fantastic community Phi Delta Epsilon CA-Nu has built at UCSB, as medical school is a very difficult path, and our members embody a group of driven, charismatic people that will support you along your path!

Brandon Cobb