Executive Board


Pauline Her

VP of Programming


Tammy Pham

VP of Recruitment


Kevin Yip

VP of Finance

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Mackensie Banchik

Secretary & Risk Management Officer

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Hello everyone! My name is Fiona McBride, and I am the proud president of Phi Delta Epsilon’s CA-Nu chapter at UCSB. Since joining the fraternity in the Fall of my Sophomore year, I have gained invaluable experiences and lifelong friendships. Through alumni connections to medical schools, study groups for classes, and a community of similarly passionate and driven peers, Phi Delta Epsilon has offered me support on all aspects of the journey to medical school. Our chapter members bring unique and diverse experiences, creating a welcoming space where members can learn from one another. I hope you join our fantastic PhiDE family and nurture your passion for medicine along with us!

Fiona McBride