PhiDE Fall 2021 Recruitment.png



Thursday, September 30th (7-8 PM)

Informational Night

Meeting ID: 858 8425 9862


Monday, October 4th (6-8 PM)

Meet the Chapter

Meeting ID: 853 6387 1749


Tuesday, October 5th (6-8 PM)

Game Night (Applications due!)

Meeting ID: 842 3115 8106


Wednesday, October 6th (6-8 PM)

Professional Night

Meeting ID: 889 3576 0408


Thursday, October 7th (7-8 PM)

Invite-Only Event


Friday, October 8th (All Day)


Fall 2021 Recruitment

The Fall 2021 Recruitment Schedule can be found on this page. There will be 4 open events, which anyone can attend, and 2 invite-only events. All events prior to Thursday (10/07) will be held remotely, via Zoom. The Zoom links are posted on this page.


A blank version of the application is posted on this page. Please submit the completed application by the end of the day (11:59 PM PST) on Tuesday (10/05). You must attend 3 events for your application to be considered. The applications must be submitted at this link:


If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ page and if they cannot be answered there, reach out to us through the Contact Us page

Check out our instagram page to stay updates: @ucsbphide